Cream of Chicken Soup Recipes

Cream of Chicken Soup Recipes are popular here in the Caribbean. They are adequately filling, cheap to prepare, healthy and delicious.

Whenever, there is a flu season going around, there are always persons coughing and sneezing and most times it is impossible not to come in contact with them, since they are everywhere.

But life goes on; some of us have to go to work and school. We cannot let this common cold put our lives on hold!

This soup is the best remedy for this common flu, it soothes your parched throat, hydrates your body and it’s easy to consume.

Whenever, I got a flu or it was flu season, my mother would come by and feed me on poultry soup, because she was told by her doctor that this soup contains nutrients that help your body fight the cold virus. The protein and mineral from the chicken bone, including other nutrients from the vegetables, can help strengthen your immune system.

Below is a healthy list of cheap chicken recipes I want to share with you. See how delicious and fulfilling they are!

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